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About Us

Serving the Valley: The Valley Sentinel is a community newspaper that has served the San Ramon Valley since 1995. As a family-friendly publication, The Valley Sentinel contains no criminal or tragic events coverage. The purpose in starting the newspaper was to focus on education, non-profits and community service to provide quality community news and prove that balanced reporting and journalism is alive and well. The method of delivery is through the mail by the US Postal Service to homes and businesses in Alamo, Danville, Blackhawk, Diablo and San Ramon. Mission: It is our mission to provide community news and information of importance to residents and business owners here in the area we serve. People choose to move to the valley because of its schools, programs for students, families and seniors. We are privileged to be a resource for critical information about education, government, sports, wellness and lifestyle. We are working together with readers to provide valued information, products and services that exceed expectations! Business and community involvement: Danville Area Chamber of Commerce, Discover Danville Association, Alamo Chamber of Commerce, San Ramon Chamber of Commerce, Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce, Pleasant Hill Chamber of Commerce. Special Sections: Each month in the printed edition we feature a full-color pull-out special section of special interest.